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Bananas and Weight Loss

Can Bananas Help Lose Weight?

Bananas are packed with nutrients and are great additions to a balanced diet. The yellow fruit is also a great source of fibre. Eating bananas daily may not directly impact on your weight but the properties of the fruit help to reduce bloating, are a good replacement for processed sugars and help control appetite.

Does Eating Bananas Help With Weight Loss?

Bananas have some properties that may help with weight control as they help with appetite control. The fruit is an excellent source of fibre which adds to our daily recommended intake of 25g for adults. A medium banana contains around 3 grams of fibre. Studies have shown that high fibre intake help in keeping the body weight low and the nutrient helps to stabilise blood sugar levels.

One of the attributes of fibre is that it makes you feel full for longer thus reducing the amount of calories we need throughout the day. The fibre from bananas are good as the body takes a long time to digest thus allowing …

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